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As-Built Certification

As‐built certification, prepared by a Professional Engineer, is required within 10 days following installation of all stormwater management practices to ensure that the site was developed in accordance with the approved plan.

Certification must include the following:

If the site was constructed differently than the approved plan, additional documentation must be provided showing that the site is still meeting applicable ordinance requirements and standards. Significant changes to an approved stormwater management plan require a permit revision request prior to as-built certification. The addition, removal, alteration or relocation of best management practices is typically considered a significant change.

Record Drawings

A record drawing is the final compiled drawing prepared by an engineer after completing a project. This drawing shows the final as-built or as-constructed condition to ensure that the project was built to the submitted and approved plans. The record drawing must include the following:

  • Surveyed contours/elevations overlain on approved design. It is helpful to display the design contours in gray and the as-built contours in black or red. For plans with stormwater basins, include a storage summary table (proposed vs. as-built) on plan. Exclude extraneous information and hatching which makes the drawing difficult to read. See examples below.
  • Other relevant as-built information necessary to verify stormwater function, such as pipe and structure size/location/material/inverts, emergency overflows, and critical elevations.
  • Professional engineer's stamp.


Checklists are intended to provide guidance to the design engineer and assist in expediting the review process. Additional documentation may be warranted depending upon how checklist items are addressed.

Construction Photos

Photos of all complete practices listed in the maintenance agreement must be included. It's recommended that progress pictures also be provided.

Certification Process

The certifying engineer will submit the as-built package electronically, which will then be reviewed by staff for completeness. A site inspection will also be performed to verify site conditions. Additional information and/or corrections may be requested to ensure the site is meeting all stormwater requirements. Once approved, the site will be considered in compliance with its stormwater management permit and regular maintenance, as outlined in the recorded maintenance agreement, will be required.

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