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Management Practices

The following is a list of approved practices to help meet the erosion control and stormwater management requirements. The list is a representative sample of available practices. Alternative practices are encouraged and may be used as part of an erosion control or stormwater management plan if they meet the requirements of the site and are approved by the Land and Water Resources Department. No single practice is capable of meeting all the needs of an individual site, so practices should be used together as part of a comprehensive plan.

The technology that drives erosion control and stormwater management is always evolving. As a result, practices may be added, revised, or deleted at the discretion of the department.

Each management practice page provides general design information and are broken down into the following sections:

ADVANTAGES - This section discusses the benefits of the practice, such as cost-effectiveness, versatility, maintenance requirements, etc.

DISADVANTAGES - This section discusses the negative aspects of the practice, such as cost, environmental effects, limits of the practice, etc.

DESIGN - This section provides the design criteria for the various parts of the device, such as sizing requirements, capacity, shape, etc.

CONSTRUCTION - This section provides information that may be needed during the installation and construction phase of the project, such as preparations, timing, special considerations, etc.

MAINTENANCE - This section discusses the maintenance needs of the practice, an integral part of the success of any management practice.

EFFICIENCY - This section discusses credit that will be given for each practice that is implemented. Efficiencies are determined in a variety of ways and are dependent upon the proper design, installation, and maintenance of the practice. Not all practices have efficiencies associated with them.

Erosion Control Practices

Stormwater Management Practices

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